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Hello, my name is Alynn. My best friend Rose is either suffering from bulimia or anorexia, I cannot tell which. It started off as not eating snacks offered to her and then it became not eating breakfast to not eating lunch. I never see her eat these days. I really do not know what to do and I need to help her. I don't care if she will end up hating me in the end, as long as she is healthy. Here are a few incidents that happened with her:

We were having a class party and my friend brought a slingshot monkey to school. Rose shot it and it accidentally knocked a girls drink over and on to the girls lap. Rose went to the bathroom and cried. I followed and awkwardly comforted her. She came back and ate a TON of donuts. I knew something was wrong because she NEVER eats. 5-10 minutes later, she went to the bathroom. I quietly followed, knowing something was up. I heard Rose gagging as if she was trying to make herself vomit. I quickly asked her what was wrong and she said "nothing!" and began to giggle it off. I kept telling her that she wasn't alright, but she ignored it.
Rose's mum works at the school as a professor and so does mine, so we arrive at school early. Rose usually hangs out with me in my mum's classroom with me in the mornings before school begins. Her mum came in with a bag of muffins and told Rose to eat it. Rose rolled her eyes and when her mum left, she put them in her backpack.
We were eating lunch one day and Rose pushed her tray away like she usually does. In about the middle of lunch, our professor comes up and tells Rose to eat. When the professor leaves, Rose burst out in tears. She never did eat the sandwich and I suspected her mother told the professor to make sure Rose ate.

I need help. I don't know how to help her. I can't stand to see her like this anymore. She is my best friend and I can't stand to see her hurting. Please help me get her out of this. I don't want her to die.
posted by Alynn on 2/11/2016 @6:50:15 PM •
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