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"jealousy "
ok..i have been dating this great guy for like 8 months now...and i cant seen to move forward because i have a HUGE jealousy problem and i cant seem to get past it..i dont even want him looking at other girls in like magazines or anything...i hate feeling this way. I dont even like him having girls that are friends...but i have been cheated on in the past i dunno if thats the reason why or not..he hates the fact that i am like this and tells me that i need to get over it...what should i do??
posted by Erin on 2/25/2008 @1:44:12 PM •
i use to be just like you are...and my bf (at the time) was nothing to look at...i was always so confused and wondered why i thought like this. one day, i decided i wasn't going to be jealous anymore. from then on, whenever he would drool over some girl, i would just say, 'go for her.' and i developed this attitude like:

if he wants her and not me, he should go for her. firstly, i don't want someone who doesn't want me equally. secondly, as if he has a chance...

you are going to have to drop the jealousy. it's not healthy and i only makes you both feel bad. and from someone who was waaay too jealous, it can be done. just put your mind to it.
posted by kim on 2/25/2008
you cant be jealous. i was the same way and was left because of it.. but what happened in the past was in the past you have to let it go.. and think about it this way if he really wanted to go be with someone else he would so dont jump on his case about looking at a girl.. because who is he with..
posted by tiffanie on 2/26/2008
my friend's bf is like this to her. and as an onlooker it hurts me to see that he is so jealous and controlling. and the thing is she doesnt stand up for her self. at least your boyfriend tells you that you need to get over it, honestly when people act like that it's annoying to the other person cuz they're thinking look im with you, if i wanted these other girls then i wouldnt be with you. so you just need to let this go and he will like you even more than he does now. and if it makes you feel better he wont have a chance with those girls in the magazine.
posted by sydney on 3/17/2008

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