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"Deadbeat Husband"
Married 26 years. Both recently received inheritance of about $50,000 each. Packed up and moved from California to NC. Plan was to take $100,000, buy house and hopefully have about $50,000 to live out our lives on. Bought Fixer and furniture. Wife paid cash - about $35,000. Husband never reimbursed his half. Wife (63) collects $1,000/mo. in Social Security. Husband (58) - no income. Husband managed to spend ALL $50,000 of his money within 18 months. No explanation or obvious purchases. Now living off wife's bare income. Whole retirement is RUINED. Can't travel, eat out, ANYTHING we planned to do. Husband refuses to look for work even though he is capable. WHAT TO DO???
posted by Linda (age 63) on 2/19/2016 @5:43:14 PM •
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