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"Frustrated "
I feel I have made a mistake. I re- married my ex after being apart since 1995 and divorced since 2000. She was the only woman I ever married or had any children with ( 2 boys, 2girls). The marriage was almost bad from the moment she said I do. She was at best, wanting to wear the pants and the skirt on the house hold, sex, affection, dwindled down to nothing.I am not without my own faults, but felt I was living in a one way relationship. Can't 'say she ever cheated on me, I can't say the same. She made my life very difficult while apart. I feel like I am right back where we left off. I'm drowning in debt, I have given her just about everything she wanted. Instead, I come home to a person who makes me feel like a wallet on legs, and nothing but criticism about what I'm doing wrong. I was happier when she wasn't in my life. She says she loves me; but words without action are empty. I just want to walk away, because I feel like she just wants someone to take care of her, I just want walk away. To start anew, by myself, or with a woman who really loves me, not just what I can provide her.
posted by Juan (age 58) on 2/25/2016 @11:12:26 PM •
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