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I met a girl who I got along with very well. Though she made no effort to hangout. unless we bumped into each other at the store. She invited me for a bit and I introduced her to another friend which she makes an effort to contact and ignores my messages. and the other friend continues to speak with her even though she sees how upset I am over being ignored by the friend I introduced her to and I have noticed she changes the subject. She always talks that she hates drama. I am really upfront on how I feel about something but I noticed a majority of people do not reciprocate. Please help me understand. I feel like I have walls drawn up from getting me to see the truth. Am I missing something? Neither will talk just to each other with her telling me that she has just been really tired lately with school and work, which why did my other friend tell me and not her herself? I could be out of line but I sometimes can't tell the difference. Should I just forget both of them and cut them off? The situation if there even is one makes me uncomfortable and trust is becoming an issue. I feel like that is something I'm not being told.
posted by Bianca on 2/26/2016 @6:49:43 AM •
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