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"break up"
my boyfriend likes me and this other girl and keeps breaking up with both of us for the other. today he brokeup with me what should i do if he ask me out again?
posted by Kristina on 2/25/2008 @4:06:15 PM •
i would definately not go back out with him...when you both keep saying yes he thinks it's ok to just switch whenever he never want to give a guy that much power.
posted by Jessica on 2/26/2008
Dont do it... becasue you need to be with someone who wants you and only you... and he cant eat his cake and have it to.. but you have to get the strength and and if ou really want to be with him tell him your done and that he needs to choose who he wants to be with but until then you have to let him go and if he chooses her then you know he was not right for you.
posted by tiff on 2/26/2008
SAY NO! he's a jerk and i don't even know him! he is just playing both of you!
posted by Jackie on 2/26/2008
Tell him no, if he really loved you then he wouldn't leave you for the other girl. If anything you should talk to the other girl so you both can deny him, a guy like that shouldn't be able to get either of your love.
posted by Kevin on 2/26/2008
I think going back out with him is a mistake. I had a boyfriend like that once and I really liked him. He was super special to me, so I know the feeling. Well one day, he asked me if I just wanted to be friends. I said, yes, but when we hung up, I was CRUSHED. I broke into tears and was miserable for a long time. A few months later, I figured out the girl he had dumped me for was also dumped by him, because he had bugun to use her for yet ANOTHER girl. He got the girl and then throughout the year he was constantly with other girls. On and Off. Well one day, I called him and he asked me out again, I totally agreed because I was in love with him, or so I thought. He invited me to come over to his place the next day, and when he picked me up, he completely ignored me. Then when we got to his house, he started messing around with my BFF little brothers. He ignored me then also. I started to hang out with my friend. So my friend then asked my "boyfriend" if we were really going out, he said no, and i was really embarassed. That was the last time I ever spoke to him. He had promised we'd be bestfriends still and he'd call me every week. He never called or said hello ever again. I havem't spoken to him in almost 2 years now. I've got a sweet boyfriend whom I am crazy about and wish to go out with for along time. If the guy really liked u, he wouldnt be asking that other gurl out huh? I feel your pain, and, I believe you shouldn't say yes again. Save your heart for somebody u truely wish to hold onto!

<3 Casey
posted by Casey on 2/27/2008

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