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"dont feel the spark"
Been with bf now for year and 3months. I really care for him and he is fantastic. Moved across country to have good life with him including marriage and kid! But I find myself not being attracted to him, and never really did. Had bad relationship for many years and was other women for a time which regret greatly. But bf is awesome I'm goin to school and working part time but he always pays bills no problem and is planning our future. I want to be excited by him. But don't feel the spark. Also he has slight issues with low t but he doesn't want to very often. And when we do have sex he doesn't talk and we don't connect just feels like sex not enjoying the sex I should be if in love and connecting with bf. any advice is welcome I want to have good life and love life with guy I'm gonna marry a few years down road
posted by christen (age 30) on 3/26/2016 @1:39:59 AM •
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