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"Friends don't approve"
I recently was hospitalized after the person I was seeing tore me apart. The combined stress of my life at present and that put me over the edge.

That was 2 weeks ago. Last night we had a talk and decided to try again because we're miserable without each other. My person swore never to hurt me again and cried for hours apologizing, telling me "I love you" (for the first time!!) and wanting me in their life.
All of our closest friends disapprove and believe we are just going to repeat the same pain. I promised my best friend I wouldn't go back, and broke that promise. My friends basically said "What's the point of being there for you if we fix you up and you go back to it again?"

I feel that things are different and that my person wants to genuinely change. We are giving it a test run to see if it'll work, and if not we'd like to end it on good terms.
Any advice for my guilt about my friends, and how to address it?
posted by Nadia (age 20) on 4/28/2016 @3:49:36 PM •
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