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i have a really good friend and and i think she has feelings for me, but i'm straight and she isn't...i don't know what to do when she hugs me or tell me she loves me because a while ago she did hint alot that she had feelings for me but when i asked her she just said stuff like "well i wouldn't have a chance now would i?" and then sometimes gets upset. how do i get her to just tell me? and then afterwards try to explain i couldn't do it? very confusing!
posted by jen on 2/25/2008 @7:30:03 PM •
Surprisingly enough, i have been in this situation. I had an amazing friend who i miss, but it was odd at first but then i just let go and told her i didn't mind her being gay and i adored our friendship, but i couldn't be more than a friend. She was disappointed of course but after the awkwardness it became quite normal for us to talk about girls and boys and it helped her in the end. i moved away and we weren't as close anymore. So Jen it's really just down to how much does your friendship means to you? NO one wants to be rejected and no one wants to be led on. Even though you might think you aren't leading her on, she might think this. It is very confusing but she has to understand she can't get you to like her and you need to be honest with her even if it means she gets upset over it.
Good luck!
posted by Felicia on 2/26/2008

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