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"difficult husband"
My husband got some money from his mom, not a loan. So I was hoping to keep at leas 1500. in our savings account for emergencies and to use the rest to help pay off some of our high interest credit cards. But my husband wants to keep all of it in our savings account, which is only about 1% interest on our return. I've tried telling him it would make more sense to pay off the high interest credit cards and to give us more breathing room and in the long run pay us back by not paying the interest. Every month I get yelled at because I can't get our account up to 10,000. I am very frustrated about this and everytime I try and talk to him I get well my mom gave the money to me, not you and if I have to I will take all the money out and not leave anything in there at all.
posted by Carol on 5/12/2016 @11:01:49 AM •
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