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"I'm Very Confused"
So this boy and I have liked each other the past two years in elementary we would tease each other,that's what everyone would usually do to their crush.Anyways a few months ago we admitted our feelings for each other.Now whenever I text him he ignores the msg or he reads it and doesn't respond when we confessed our feelings he had a gf I found that out like 2weeks ago.I'm confused like was he serious or was he just messing around? I don't know if he is worth waiting for I'm questioning myself 'Is he worth it?' Like before we admitted our feelings we would text and he usually would reply now he just every once in a while responds he is currently single.Please help I need a opinion and advice.I've tried and tried not to like him but it is like impossible. My best friend doesn't think he's worth it.What do you think? Thank you
posted by Jaclynn (age 12) on 5/15/2016 @5:49:10 AM •
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