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Hello, dear readers!

I have an Associate's degree in general education (with honors). I loved being a student for the 3 years I went to community college. I worked as a certified nursing assistant for about 4 years, taking care of the elderly. I enjoyed it for the most part, as making a difference in the lives of others can be a very rewarding experience, however I do not see it as something I can do well into my own old age. My body (and soul) would become exhausted, and I got burnt out pretty easily. Also, CNAs typically do not earn much of a "living" wage.

I would not be able to stay afloat if I didn't have a husband who works 17 hours of overtime every week at an automotive shop. He has been there almost 6 years and has no desire to return to college himself even though he is just 2 courses away from an Associate's. He has never been as passionate about school as I am, and that's okay with me. He doesn't fully enjoy his job but he's received a couple of raises over the years, and his boss has been kind enough to pay for his and my health insurance. The point is, he feels he has no reason to get a different or even "easier" job (than manual labor) that pays more money. He is just too comfortable, even though I want more for him and for us.

We each have quite a bit of student loan debt, without a fancy degree to show for it. I really want to go back to school and learn a trade, preferably in the health care field. I am passionate about technology, medicine, and science, and I enjoy helping people and making a difference. However, my husband says we should wait until all of our debt is paid off before I return to school. If I have to get more loans to go back to school anyway, and I will be paying them off until I die, should I wait to go back or not? Should I shoot for my Bachelor's or will that be pointless? I've heard of a lot of janitors, bar tenders, and food service workers who have Bachelor's degrees. It makes me wonder if it will even help me obtain a good career in the future.

I am between jobs right now and I am itching to do something. I want to make money to stay alive, but I also want to do something that matters. I want to live a full life. I've heard enough of "Oh, don't worry. You will figure it out in due time" or "You're still so young!" I may be 24, but I can tell you that I have quite a few friends and peers my age that obtained their Bachelor's and even Master's degrees like LAST YEAR or the year before! Some are registered nurses on their way to becoming advanced practice nurses, others are in medical school or are already doctors. What the hell am I doing sitting here, watching Netflix and playing with my cats? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time!

posted by Leah (age 24) on 5/23/2016 @2:05:59 PM •
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