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"Teenage issues (I'm sorry it's so long)"
I always get picked on and bullied in my PE lessons and I take everyone's crap every single lesson and it hurts me so much and affects my general performance in PE. I once got called fat and everyone just targets me, yells at me when I'm not doing my best, even though they don't realise I am trying it's just super hard when you're in my situation. So last week I finally decided to stand up for myself... We were playing rounders and I was a fielder, I was supposed to catch the ball and I missed it and someone yelled "why are you even here?" And then embarrassed me because she then said "do you not know how to run for a ball?" And was demonstrated how to run after the ball if you miss catching it. So then I just stood to the side because there really was no point in me doing it because I was clearly affecting the team. I was also feeling super nervous as everyone was looking at me. The teacher then walked over to me and said I could either participate or I can have an after school detention. I ended up picking the detention as I decided I was no longer going to take any more crap off these people, I was then sent into another classroom and everyone was making a huge deal out of it because I'm usually a really quiet person who obeys everything. Anyway, at this point I was on the verge of tears because I've never stood up for myself before. At the end of the lesson the teacher came to speak to me and they were saying things like "you should know how to behave" and "people are yelling at you and picking on you because you're always stood there not doing anything" trying to blame me for the whole thing without really knowing the full story. Like a baby, I then started to cry because I was feeling so defenseless (which is stupid). All the teachers were then like "how come we never knew about this" and I have tried to tell them so many times but they just dismiss it every time by saying "everyone gets picked on" and things along those lines. I even tried to speak to a teacher before this happened, and she just responded with "tough luck you have to do it", now they were all pretending that they cared about me because I was crying but I knew they thought I was being pathetic. They said they'll hold a meeting on Monday about moving my lesson, and then sent me off to get changed, but they moved me to the staff changing room because they thought there would be an incident with me and other people because I was sent out. Everyone was laughing at me because I got moved into the staff changing room and because I was crying and I felt so humiliated. I then went onto my next lesson and I had to excuse myself because people were talking about me, and I just burst into tears in the corridor whilst on the phone to my mum. I just didn't know what to do.
I need advice. I'm stuck. I feel so humiliated and stupid because I cried in front of everyone and I do feel like I overreacted. But I'm so shy and nervous and sticking up for myself can make me feel like crying and stuff (if that makes sense) I don't want to go back to school because I know everyone is going to say something and I just don't know what to do or feel. Do I feel bad? Do I not feel bad because I finally stood up for myself in a way? Am I just being stupid about it? I'm also scared about the meeting because all the PE teachers have a disliking to me and I feel like that they're just going to comment on how it's all my fault. How do I react when I go back to school? And was it all my fault?
posted by Tammy (age 15) on 5/30/2016 @7:32:30 PM •
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