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"My Daughter's Boyfriend"
My Daughter is 17 years old she has a boyfriend who is the same age and goes to her school. This is her 1st Boyfriend and they haven't been dating for long (maybe 1 mo.) but she has known him for 3 years. I have driven them to the movies and to do things, I didn't have a problem with him. So we decided to do a cookout for Father's Day at our house and I told her she could invite him if she wanted to, she did. Everything seemed good, I only found him to be loud at times and a little immature acting but I summed it up to him being 17. After everyone left he stayed for an hour and half, they played pool and then went to her room (I told her the door stays open) to play video games. I checked on them several times and they were behaving. When his ride showed up he started into the kitchen but stopped in the doorway to ask me if he could take home a 2-liter soda. Me and My Husband were sitting in the living room watching tv. I had already split the soda with my sister in law and kept what i wanted. I didn't answer him because i was thrown off that he was even asking. He continued into the kitchen, then my daughter went into the kitchen. I heard them talking, he came out with 2 2-liters and a bag of chips in his hand and proceeded to the front door. Meanwhile My Daughter is telling him to put the stuff back, he just keeps saying no. He gets to the front door and My Daughter puts her foot at the bottom so he cant open the door. Now Me and My Husband think he's messing with her and is gonna put them back, but this on for awhile, My Daughter eventually got him to put one soda back. She asked if he could take the soda, by this time Me and My Husband are getting aggravated because we realize he isn't joking but we didnt say to much because we didnt want to embarrass her in front of her boyfriend. So I say I didnt tell him he could have it. So she continues to try to get him to put it back. Me and My husband walk into the kitchen and i signal my daughter to follow me. When she comes in there i give her a look like what the hell? She goes back out upset and mad at him and starts to go to her room which he stops her and says give me hug im leaving, she gives him a quick hug and goes to her room and he leaves with the soda and the chips. After he leaves i go talk to her, she is upset at how he acted also. After some time I tell her that Me and her Dad dont want her seeing him anymore. I am bothered by the fact that he didnt care that we were getting angry and upset with him. I feel like he stole from us even though it was just a 2-liter and a bag of chips. He apologized to me through a txt on my daughters phone, she has forgiven him and is still dating him. Me and My Husband are standing firm that we dont want her dating him. What would you do?
posted by Krystal on 6/25/2016 @12:09:04 PM •
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