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"Starting get annoying!!!"
Hi I have a sister that is so dear to me!!!we were close since we are young until now!!but the problem is everytime she and her husband gets into a fight she always comes to me and live with me!!!she said she's leaving the husband but unfortunately she does not!!!and I'm starting to get annoyed because she comes to me crying asking for her then 1-2 months after goes back to husband who has gambling problem!!i have my own life too!!and maybe she thinks is ok with me everytime she lives with us without paying any bills!!im shouldering everything even if she's working!!amd for some reason she does not offer to pay anything!!i don't want to hate her but I just can't help it!!pls anyone I need help!'and my husband is starting hate me for helping
posted by Sandra (age 32) on 7/11/2016 @4:12:04 AM •
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