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"custody of little brothers"
see my mom was with this man kyle who abused her. well now that my mom is away im woried constantly about them. i need help on getting my custdoy ofmy little brothers as soon as possible.
posted by anyone on 12/18/2007 @12:06:17 PM •
i found this link, which isn't that helpful, but sounds hopeful:

and i found this link, which may be helpful in hooking you up with a lawyer. it's free to post your situation there, and you may get a good response from an actual lawyer:

i hope that helps some...
posted by james on 12/19/2007

I think what is going on is really serious. Your mum is probably feeling trapped if she is staying in the relationship with this guy Kyle. I know it's very common, if women are abused they can stay in the relationship, but it's not the right thing to do because this guy Kyle will almost certainly get more violent over time, and not less. The begin to feel more powerful and act more abusive.

There are several things that need to happen. I don't know your situation so i can't advise you completely, but I am studying to be a lawyer myself, and I can tell you for a factthat if Kyle is abusive he should not be having custody of any kids. So the best thing to do would be to approach a laywer as the person above has posted. Don't be afriad. There are lots of lawyers who work under 'legal aid' for people who cant afford it. That's what the law is there for, to protect you.... I would also consider calling a specialist helpline also as they can give u some more immediate advice. But you are right, this is serious and he shoudnt have custody f he has been abusive to you mum. And btw he can still be charged for what he has done to your mum and you should also mention that to the lawyers eventully who can prosecute him for it. Don;t let him get away with this. But also dont confront him yourself if he has a tendency to get violent, use your lawyers to help you. I'm sorry my advice isnt any better, but I just want you to know that i agree with the person above tht a lawyer is the way forward
posted by girl on 12/22/2007

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