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"16 with a boyfriend in jail "
I'm almost 16 and I've had a very privileged life. My boyfriend on the other hasn't. He is 17 and I like to think of him as a victim of circumstance. His mom died over a year ago and that has caused alot on his life. He has made alot of dumb choices because of the hurt he is in. He even got another girl pregnant. Now he is in a detention home from his mistakes. I love him alot and I've never judged him because I know he's going through alot and it can be tough to lose a parent. But he can't stay committed to me, if he's not with me then he's with his child's mother and if he not with her, he's running back to his first love. As much as I hate it he can't leave these other females alone. I know he's still young but he's a hoe and girls love him. My parents judge him and they don't even know him! They only see him as a jail bird. It really hurts me when they call him names because I love him and they don't know what he's been through. Please help
posted by Rella on 7/21/2016 @11:12:17 PM •
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