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"Birthday Calls"
A guy that I used to see several years ago (many many years ago) has been calling me every year on my birthday for the past few years. Our birthdays are only 6 days apart. I'm wondering if (in your opinion) does this man have feelings for me?
Now there a few very important points I need to make. To begin, he is married now and has been for almost 20 years. Another point, there are times when he has been in town and did not bother to reach out to me or try to see me. When we were together so many years ago, he was dismissive and unconcerned about me except in private.
Personally, I think his once-a-year contact is an effort to see if he still holds the same status with me that he once held.
Does he have feelings or is this maybe just a kind gesture?

posted by Private on 7/23/2016 @4:41:15 AM •
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