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"i am giving up so i can stop hurting"
i have been okay with every obstacles in my life.but these past year everything went down the hill at the same time.i noticed i have a feeling for my best friend and i didn't want anything more,i was okay with being best friends but that just stoped.and i feel like he knows i like him and he is trying to show me he isn't interested.and i have hurt so much for the past month but now i have decided to move on.i said that too many times but this time its different.i can feel the pain deep down my bones.i watched him leave today and my heart broke in to pieces.i promised i won't call him or text him.and i am feeling like i am cutting something i really need but i need to move on too.i don't ever want to feel like the past 6 i choose to be hurt big time once and move on for good.
do u think i am right? if i can't get over him soon....i would hv no choice but to reach out to him again.please give some advice so i know what to do next
posted by alison (age 20) on 9/6/2016 @1:45:30 PM •
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