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I have a friend who I am very close with. She has helped me through so much, and has become very important to me. She is also married, happily, and her husband is just as important to me, having a hand in helping me with some issues. We all three are close friends, but I have fallen in love with her. I have told her, and her husband, my feelings and they have agreed not to push any sort of decision on breaking away our friendship as long as I abide by the rules that she sets between us, and that he has set as well. Unfortunately my desires for her are becoming overwhelming, and I know how bad that sounds. I don't get much sleep, I am apathetic during daylight hours, and my work ethic has visibly suffered. I know how bad my thoughts are, I also don't want to ruin this amazing friendship I have because I can't keep myself under control. I don't know what to do anymore. Please, help me.
posted by Thomas on 10/5/2016 @4:46:53 AM •
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