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"How to Forgive Oneself?"
I am having difficulty with grasping the concept of 'self-forgiveness' and would greatly appreciate any type of advice on how to accomplish such a feat. I am not sure if it is a necessity for myself to divulge the details, but I don't mind if another thinks it is necessary. The event/situation of which is affecting me occurred nearly 4 years ago and I, of course, blame myself. Everybody I have spoken to has said that "it" was not by my doing, but I have contrived an argument/explanation that concludes "it" was my fault. Being said, the aspect of 'self-forgiveness' that is providing such ache is the 'acceptance' part. In other words, I cannot forgive myself because I feel that that entails me to have to accept something that I feel is unacceptable, hence I become guilt ridden whenever I attempt to forgive. (Hope I was clear)

Thank you for reading, and I am grateful for any type of advice.
posted by Bryan on 10/8/2016 @2:09:36 AM •
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