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"Feeling Hopeless"
Me and My husband are currently expecting a baby girl. ( We're both very excited ) However shortly after I found out I was pregnant I became unemployed. At the time I wasn't worried , I thought I can certainly get a job in no time especially only being in the first trimester at the time, it will be fine I am more than qualified for most of the jobs I applied for. Unfortunately , even with all the interviews I got and all the applications I filled out, I had no luck finding a job. Still to this day even knowing it Is hopeless (being 7 Months Pregnant) I have been applying for jobs just in case the Lord decides its finally the right time. I have been able to get a side job that is from home and it pays only commission. This job is Cold Calls only. Needless to say... it doesn't exactly help as much as a regular job would. My husband only Makes $10 an hour and even with our very low rent we are barely making it on his income alone. I feel for him, I know he is stressed out though he does not show it. He does not like that I feel like a burden, but being the person I am, I absolutely do feel that way. I want to help, I am starting to feel hopeless. I'm Trying to focus on our baby girl to make me feel that I am still blessed, but my hope is absolutely fading and it frightens me to think, that if I don't find some way of making some kind of money, The bank will take my car, and we will be hurting even more. I want to be able to provide for her when she comes, I know my husband doesn't not mind being soul provider, but it just seems impossible. I of course have not yet given up hope that someone will hire me. It is terrible situation, all I am asking for here is some encouraging words and advice on how to make it through this time with my Dignity , Grace, And hope still in tact. Thank you
posted by Layni (age 23) on 10/24/2016 @4:30:34 PM •
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