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Ok I'm the one that posted about the guy that wants me and this other girl. Thanks for all the advice, but I really like him and I don't know if he ask me out again if I can take all of your advice and not go back out with him. I just like him so much and he is relly cute and I think he might ask me out again because he broke up with the other girl today. How do you think I should avoid going out with him just because I like him so much? I can't avoid him in school ethier because we see eachother at lunch and he calls me all the time. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Kristina on 2/26/2008 @4:38:28 PM •
trust me tell him that things just arnt working out...dont degrade ur self like deserve will find a great guy who will love you and stay with you...not use u as a door mat! trust me you will be happy woth ur self in the long run! it that doesnt work avoid him all together...
posted by alicia on 2/26/2008
Well honestly their is so much in anyone and everyone takes all the credit they deserve.. For example many girls have low self stem even though they are told they are pretty and all that.. And many guys are just jerks most of the time.. there is so many things out there and im sure you can keep going trust me there is someone out there you're supposed to meet and thats already said ... I know it upsets that you want him but just bc he is cute and all doesnt mean he is one that you can trust with your heart (it's so valuable at times people forget how valuable it is). Im sure there is many others who will and be able to hold your heart and not to play with it, honestly what i believe is one of the biggest jewels of life is having a girls heart and her being able to trust it wont be hurt
posted by Jesus on 2/26/2008
uhmm.i think that if you truely think that you migh be in "love" with this kidd then you should fight for you man but if not i think that you adn the other girl needs to have a tlk bc you too being played like that isnt good for youu guys.i think that you two should move on from him and find two seperate guys that wants to be with you as you do them.bc apparently this guy dnt kno what he wants.
posted by teela on 2/27/2008
Well, honestly, i've been through that kind of situation before and it doesn't end pretty. If he has asked you out more then two times, don't go back out with him. Two times is enough, and if a guy asks you out more then twice between you and another girl, then he's definitly playing a guy game with you. So, have fun! LOL. RANDOM!

<3 Casey
posted by Casey on 2/28/2008

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