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"Using me?"
This guy I was seeing started talking to me again. We first stopped because we didn't want the same thing . I wanted to be with him but he didn't want to rush. So I stopped with him and I met another guy which he knew about . one night when I was with the new guy I saw the other one star in at me in the club but he didn't come up and talk to me. Time passed and I stopped with the new guy and started talking to the old one again. He messaged me saying that the night he saw Mr in the club he imagined him sleeping with me and doing stuff to me. What does that mean ??
He tells me he was or never is going to use me. I haven't done anything with him yet. He still likes me , I can tell but what should I do ??
posted by Emma (age 17) on 11/7/2016 @2:57:13 PM •
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