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"My boyfriend's dad was mean to my mom"
My mom and my boyfriend's dad have only met once in real life and they seemed to get along well enough. They ended up friending each other on Facebook.

Just a few days ago my mom shared a political post and my boyfriend's dad commented on it. He commented on her post FIRST. And his comment sounded sarcastic and was against what her post was about.

My mom knows my boyfriend's dad likes to debate and so she thought since it was on her post that she would comment back sarcastically and go back and forth with him a little on the subject.

So the debate went back and forth, sarcastic comments fired from both sides, until finally my boyfriends dad suddenly tells my mom to "go f*** yourself".

My mom was stunned. She commented back that she didn't know he was getting angry and he should have let her know or stopped commenting back to her. She thought it was a playfully sarcastic debate.

I was stunned too, I know my boyfriend's dad pretty well, and it's not like him to say something so rude like that. He's normally pretty eloquent and mild tempered. I know all things political recently are pretty tense, but that is no excuse to tell your son's, girlfriend's (of 6 years) mom to go **** herself!

I am upset. I am upset that my mom now thinks poorly of my boyfriend's dad and mentioned that she's glad she didn't have to "find out who he was" at our wedding someday. And I am upset my boyfriend's dad said that to MY MOM! I never would've expected that out of him and I would think, as a mature adult, he could've just ignored her political post or even gone so far as to unfriend her. Instead he chose to risk offending me by telling my mother to go **** herself and I am just livid.

My boyfriend knows and sent a text to his dad asking him "What's up with facebook?" And his dad responded, "Nothing important...". There BETTER be an important reason before you tell ANYONE in my family to go F themselves!

What do I do? Christmas is coming up and I am going to have to see him. My opinion of him has changed drastically and I'm going to have trouble pretending everything is "fine" if he decides to talk to me, I'd like to handle this maturely before a family get-together get's awkward.

Do I send him a message and let him know (maturely of course) how I feel?

Do I just suck it up? (I don't like letting my anger fester without doing something about it - it's like poison for family relationships.)

Sorry it's a long story - I appreciate those who read it in it's entirety. Thank you for any advice you can share!
posted by M. (age 26) on 11/15/2016 @11:40:48 AM •
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