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"school bus problems"
I've always got a bus to school and its a double decker recently I've sat at the top with my friends. There are 4 of us and we sit at the very front. It sucks because that's where the 'losers' sit. I get the bus with the popular boys literally ALL of them. We get things thrown at us. So we decided to sit in the middle today. Everyone seemed ok with it apart from the popular boy in year 7. I'm a few years older. They were spraying water at us . I was ok with it because I was wet from the rain already but one of my friends got up and pushed them. They started to say how we should sit back at the front because we cant take a joke. But its not funny. I just want to sit and listen to music without getting things thrown at me. So does one person in my group but the other people just shout at them all the time. Its embarrassing. I cant get any other bus home or any other form of transport . What should I do?
posted by evie on 11/17/2016 @11:58:04 AM •
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