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"meeting up"
i have a boyfriend i met on the internet. i am fifteen and he is sixteen. he is from england and i am from california. he says that he wants to fly down here with his family and meet me. he can not come to my house as our relationship is a secret. so we thought of meeting up at a mall near my house. i said "yes" and knew my dad would drive me there as i can not drive, and we could just walk around without him. but there is one problem: we want to have sex. i have the condoms. i have everything i need. but i don't want my dad in the way.

we have discussed doing it in a bathroom stall at the mall, which would be good, but awkward and someone could snitch on us. so we're also talking about him taking me to a hotel (the nearest hotel is across the street from the mall, but he hasn't said anything about an /exact/ hotel) he could rent. i want to go with him to the hotel but i don't want to spend the night with him there and i don't want my dad to find out. i don't even know if the hotel would allow people to visit rented rooms, let alone legal minors. so basically, what do i do?

ps: for all the adults out there who are like "hurr durr don't have sex"... one, i have condoms. two, you won't do anything productive scaring people out of something that naturally happens in life. three, i don't need a lecture. i need some advice. if someone needs help making pancakes, you don't bloody tell them to not make pancakes. you help the poor bastard make his pancakes! thank you.
posted by loren (age 15) on 11/21/2016 @4:49:09 AM •
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