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Looking for advice for how to be diplomatic on a situation with my mother in law. My husband and I have a 7month old baby, and of course we take pictures and post them for family and friends on Facebook. Whenever I do my mother in law wants herself tagged in the picture, it never fails that I will received an alert where she is asking to tag herself in the photo even if it has nothing to do with her. ( like when we were at his step mothers' function in which I had to just ignore the request because I thought it would cause issues with his stepmom) I sent her pictures for her to share on her own Facebook thinking it would solve the issue but time and again she never does. I have figured out she likes the credit but doesn't want to do any effort on her own. My husband doesn't have the best relationship with his mother but she helps out when we have been tight with money in the past, and she is his mother. So what's the best way to handle this situation? I really am getting frustrated with her requests but also don't want to offend her. My husband says just to say no to his mom, that she cant always be tagged in our photos.
posted by Amber (age 44) on 11/21/2016 @11:12:27 AM •
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