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"What now?"
So I started being friends with benefits (we didn't go all the way but we were close) with my best guy friend over the summer. He was 17 at the time; I was 15. My parents found out about it and told his parents. My parents told me that when his parents asked him about it, he lied about it and said he was never with me. I was really upset that he betrayed me like that, and my parents were furious with me. So our families hadn't talked in months because of it. His parents believed him, and fortunately mine believed me. But after about 3 months, I texted him that I was sorry. He said he forgave me and told me that he never lied but that my parents just said that for some reason. He also told me that what we had was real and he wanted to date me and have sex with me. And I don't know if I should believe him or my parents. And does he actually like me or does he just want to get with me? Plus, he's 18 now; I'm 16. I want to date and have sex with him too, but I don't know if I should. Help!
posted by Lauren on 12/5/2016 @4:51:50 PM •
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