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Ok I am the one that posted about that boy that can't pick between me and this other girl so keeps breking up with us for the other one. So ok the advice you guys gave me was very good, but the thing is that the other girl has been my friend since kindergarten. When this whole thing started our friendship started to get a little weird and we don't talk that much. I think that if this whole thing about this guy just ended we could go back to being really close friends again. Should I just tell her that I think we should both just forget about him becase he is just playing us? But then again she likes him a lot and maybe I should just let her have him for the sake of our friendship. I just don't think I can let him go I have knon him for 3 years and have liked him for 2 years and I have been going out with him on and off for the last year. I could really use some good advice right now. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Kristina on 2/26/2008 @4:55:37 PM •
whoa... you gotta a whole lotta stuff goin on with this situation... if you could convince her to drop him, and you can deal with dropping him, then that might work really well. it could help your friendship be normal again, plus at the same time teach your boy a lesson in the way he should treat girls.

it's not nice to play people like that. your life's not a game, ya know?
posted by jon on 2/29/2008
hey! i'm sorry it took me sooo long... :)

i once had a similar thing happen to me. i told him to choose one of might need to do the same thing. that would answer lots of questions and keep you girls from going crazy by trying to read his ever-changing mind. also, don't break up a friendship over a guy. he probably likes the attention that you two girls are giving him. wouldn't it feel awesome if you had to really cool guys fighting over you? i hope that makes sense...
posted by mindy (age 21) on 3/2/2008

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