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"Senior year- Work or play?"
Hi, so I am starting January 2017 off with the last half of my senior year. I have not played any sports this year which has been difficult as I have played soccer and swim my whole life. I have worked at my job which is tutoring elemetary school children for over a year now. My job is after school and so is this upcoming swim season. I want to join soooo badly but there are many benefits to my job and I do love my job. I dont know wether to quit my job and join the team or skip the swim season and keep my job? This will be my last chance to play a sport as I am not pursuing a sport professionally in college ( which is where I am heading in 6 months anyways so I will be leaving my job same time as swim season also ends.) I really need some advice as this is my senior year and I want the best possibly experience to enjoy it and make the memories these next few months. Any advice please?
posted by C on 1/13/2017 @2:41:13 AM •
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