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"this boy is confusing me "
So I started new at this school and there's this really cute guy who everyone keeps telling me that he called me fit and then after a while he kept on staring at me then one day one of his friends came up to me and asked me if I like him and I said no the a rumor went around saying that I liked him after that he went up to my brother and asked him about his feelings towards the whole thing of me apparently liking him then after a while it really started to annoy me so I texted him on instagram saying hey I really don't now if I like you and then he straight away asked me about if I really did get exited when he called me fit so I replied with every one told me that you called me fit but I never made it a big deal and that I was sorry if it pissed him off so he said it was fine and after that we stopped texting after a week or so one of my friend told me that apparently one of his friends told her that apparently that boy who thought I liked him hated me soo much and now everytime I'm near him his friend make it a big deal he started telling everyone that I asked him out and started make so other rumors and now I'm in tow of his class the first class which is French he turned around stared at me and when I stared at him he looked away and in history he walked up to this guy who was standing next to my cher and invited him to sit next to him when he doesn't even know him and its really confusing me plus he's the cutest boy in my year and some of my friend think he likes me and some say he's just messing about. Please help me I'm really confused.
posted by A (age 15) on 1/21/2017 @6:32:20 PM •
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