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I have to be ready for a cruise and i want to loose like 50 pounds.
What is the best way to loose this weight and FAST?
posted by Sadie on 2/26/2008 @6:28:35 PM •
well... i don't know what kind of schedule you're on, but here's the thing that worked best for me: exercise for some time every day (something aerobic, that's fun for you hopefully), and eat what you want (but only when you're hungry - that's important). when i say eat what you want - that's exactly what i mean. if you don't like salad, but you like potatoes, eat some potato. just stop before you're stuffed. do your best to stop exactly when you're satisfied and no longer hungry.

i've lost 65 pounds and kept it off for five years (so far).
posted by jason on 2/26/2008
i agree. i am doing just what jason said for only a couple weeks and have lost a few pounds already. and really, i don't excercise much.

oh, and this is probably gonna sound weird, but you might want to get a spray-on tan before you go. i got one recently from a spa for like $27. i feel and look better and have a little more confidence. hope that doesn't sound silly...
posted by sadie on 2/27/2008
i'm sorry about that crazy advice. i have deleted it. some people aren't cool...
posted by mindy (age 21) on 3/3/2008
omg i feel ya! every year i convince myself that i MUST be in shape by summer. this year i think i may actually have a really good system. u know those stupid little workouts that come in magazines once a month? well i looked through all my old seventeen's and picked one for each week. ive dont two in two weeks so far and i can FEEL the strength building. just remember your goal when times get tough and maybe even keep an eye on a cute suit u want to keep ur ambition strong. good luck!
posted by kt (age 16) on 3/3/2008
Sadie, the best (and healthy) advice I can give to you is this - substitue every sugary junk food with a glass of green tea. Not only will the green tea clean out your system and make you look and feel slimmer, but you will cut down on adding any additonal pounds. Another plus? You will eventually get soo used to the green tea that you're craving for sugar will disspitate. (I love soda - or did - and when I had green tea for 3 weeks when I tried the soda just for the hell of it, it tasted terrible to me! I couldn't even stand the amount of sugar that was in it! The green tea really revived my taste buds.) So that's my best advice to you. You may not lose all 50lbs right away, but it sure will knock off 10 lbs and keep you from gaining any extra weight.
posted by Olivia (age 19) on 3/4/2008

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