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"Lies and Love Triangles"

So, there are 10 people in my friend group. One of them is exactly like me. We look similar, act similar, have similar talents and hobbies, etc. Plus, we both like the same guy. The problem: My best friend is trying to convince me not to talk to him because "I don't deserve him as much as Matilda does." I told her to stop, but she started lying to my crush (Alec), who knew we both liked him, telling him I changed my mind and didn't like him anymore. I told him she lied, and now Abigna and Matilda hate me, and Matilda is not talking to Abigna because she was originally trying to set up me and Alec. Also, all my friends are divided against each other, and some pairs of best friends have "broken up" as friends over who should be with Alec. I said we should let him decide. But then, Alec told Abigna he likes both of us.
posted by Phoenix (age 16) on 2/4/2017 @8:37:27 AM •
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