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"I have a crush on my teacher."
So, here's the thing: I'm a straight A student with a clean school record. I liked all of my former teachers.
Especially my former english teacher, Mrs. Marsh. She got a job offer, and kinda left a few months ago.
THEN, this really young male teacher, Mr. Kingston, came to the school. Okay, a bunch of girls think he's cute, and I'm over here agreeing.
Except, I gained a ****ing crush on him. I think he knows because he catches me staring and smiles at me, but I know this isn't healthy.
How can I stop this so it won't, you know, turn in a bad direction... :/ (I'm 14. He told the class he was 23 btw)
posted by Rhiannon (age 14) on 2/11/2017 @11:38:24 AM •
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