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"Teen Boy Wrestling Decision"
I am a 14 year old 9th grade boy. I live in a small town, and my class has about 60 kids. I have been labeled as the "nerd" or "smart kid" of my grade. I don't play many any sports other than tennis (it's my first year). I have been going to wrestling matches lately, watching my cousin wrestle. I have found interest in wrestling, and am conflicted on what to do. It is too late to join this year, but I could join the team next year. Not many of my friends wrestle, but there are a few. I am not very physically fit, but plan to start working out. I want to join next year, but I'm not sure if I would like it. If I join, I probably won't wrestle much, due to the many 8th graders coming up with much more experience, and due to the current wrestling team. I would be in the same weight class as a lot of them, and they have more experience and are more physically fit. What I'm trying to say is, I don't know if I want to wrestle. Well, I kinda want to, but I feel like I won't enjoy it/ won't be good enough. I've been stressing about this for awhile, and haven't told anyone. I want to tell one or two of my friends, but haven't had the gut to ask for their opinion. So... What do you think? Should I wrestle?

Ps: I hate quitting anything, so if I join and hate it, I will still stay in the sport

Recap: Not very physically fit, would be my first year in wrestling, going into 10th grade, many good wrestlers in same weight class, not really "my thing"
Thank You So Much! I needed to tell someone!
posted by Colton (age 14) on 2/16/2017 @5:11:55 PM •
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