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"I need help."
My name is not important. What is important is my suffering. It was a lovely foggy afternoon, amidst lunchtime at my school. I loved the mist endearingly. It amplified the solitude, and I was enticed by that. I immersed myself into melodic tunes with a 50% volume. Suddenly, voices and footsteps intruded onto my darling solitude. I was enraged- twitching like the lunatic I am. A loud, nasally voice of an annoyingly depraved teenaged male- whom I despise greatly- begun infiltrating my ears. The footsteps grew louder, and my hatred grew stronger. To prevent myself from snapping, I attempted to walk as fast as I could. Iím merely 14, going on 15. On top of that, Iím a late bloomer. My personality is a twist of childish antics and perverse demeanors; the sudden shift into a rancorous society of sexual pressure- especially onto females and ****girls- is astounding.
What the male was discussing... well, it was his 15th birthday, and he was onning about the potency of him receiving oral sex from a whorish female. He perpetuated discussion about another female, involving smoking marijuana. His dialect was so ****ing loud, and he was so many meters away. Him and his army of evil was drawing closer. Soon, I encompassed my school. He looked at me. My face shriveled. My eyes were raped mercilessly with his hideous appearance that resembled a ****ing cheese string. His friend mentioned something ****ty, and I donít ****ing remember what he said. But, he impored his friend to apologize to me, although I didnít give a ****. I merely sighed. He opened the door, and I snuck around him, raced to my locker, and died inside.
I have the most intense case of PTSD at the moment. Iíve read erotic gore manga with a straight face, browsed the deep web numerous times, visited human trafficking and gore websites on the deep web, I consecutively visit for my daily dose of alluring imagery and videos. Iím ****ing broken. Iíve killed animals numerous times before. But Iím shocked how the one thing that doomed me was an encounter with a big ****ing loser.
posted by Abu Saleh (age 15) on 2/23/2017 @1:58:24 AM •
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