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"Needs an advice in relationshipI am a 17"
I am a 17yrs old Indian.

After my completion of 10th I joined a new school. I was not interested in relationship rather was more interested in developing my talent.

When I reached my 12th a rumour started to spread that I was in one sided affair with a girl.

The girl involved displayed ambiguous actions. She started to smile at me, gave me chocolates leaving rest of the students. Commented I look handsome.Something which she has never done before in the past.

Her cute face, pretty smile and her childlike behaviour slowly eroded me. I started to garner feelings for her.

After I realised I had completely fallen for her.
I shared my emotions with my friends. They where shocked and they firmly asked me to pull the root of my love.
They called her a **** and said she had been in a relationship with 3 men's before (Monogamous). She had slept with 2 of them. They also said she is at present in a relation with a muslim.

I refuted these comments that it was her past and I had nothing to do with it.

After 1 month of constant starring at her my friends opened my feelings to her.

She cried immediately, i spoke to her, she asked me to end my love on the basis that she is in love with an another man.

I agreed for her sake but my love remained.

One month later I spoke to her about what most boys think and their behaviour and attitude in school towards her, as the conversation continued i realised that though she has grown physically, her level of maturity was at the level of a 5th class student.

She lacked the understanding to differentiate between love and lust (her past lovers expected sexual satisfaction) i realised deep down she was a very good woman. She cared for those around her be it humans, animals and plant, which fuelled my love even more.

I asked her girlfriends on what she thinks of me for which, i got a reply which i cherish the most, she called me a good boy and that i understood her more than any body in this world even her boyfriend, she even said i have a wonderful character which every girls would yearn for in a man.

We where in an on and off friendship for quite a while but she stopped speaking to me after realising that i still love her.

Now our school is going to end, my friends understanding my true love for her revealed a secret which sent shockwaves all through me.

They said her boyfriend has no feelings for her and keeps her only for her money. They said they have been cautioning her for the past few months and have asked her to leave him for me.

But the major problem is she is unable to understand and refutes these facts as lie.

My friends have asked me to stay vigil for the next three or four months, they have predicted that their relationship will end by that time.

I have no problem in waiting even for the next 30yrs because my love for her is very true. I even refused a proposal of a girl on the grounds that i have feelings for this woman.

But now i am getting doubts, i am not sure whether what i am doing is right, I want to talk to her but lacks the courage to do so.

I am a virgin but her being non virgin is not something i take in consideration. I am also supportive of her wanting to become a photographer and also an actress.

And also my love has not affected my studies, i still remain one of the school topper.

Please give me a piece of your mind in this matter. Should i continue or give up my love.
posted by Ajay on 2/24/2017 @11:13:03 AM •
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