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"idk anymore"
okay so last year i moved..i was in a relationship and i rele loved this guy.and we had to break up cause of the distance....we still had been tlking through out the year..and now we have been tlking again and he said he loves me still and a bunch of stuff...and then i find out he has been tlking to other girls too...and he told me to wait for him caus ehe is in a relationship now but i dont wanna waste my time and he says it wont be a waste...well should i wait??
posted by samantha on 2/26/2008 @6:32:05 PM •
I wouldn't wait for him if I were you. I did that once and he ended up not even wanting me when the time came. No guy is worth the wait.
posted by Nicki on 2/26/2008
i don't think you should wait for him. he just likes that he can tell you to put your life on hold and that's what you do. if he's dating someone else right now, he can't want you that bad...i'm sure you're a great girl, but he doesn't sound like he's the right person for least not right now. live your life and he might come around to you when you are both single. otherwise, don't put your life on hold for a guy.
posted by jami on 2/27/2008
how long was the distance that you moved? me and my boyfriend justbroke up because of the distance too. do you still have deep feelings for him? if you do then you need to tell him that he needs to break up with her if he wants yu to wait on him.but if you dont then just tell him you dont want to wait.
posted by sydney on 3/17/2008

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