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I've been friends with a woman for about 2 1/2 years now. We are both in our 40's and she is still a virgin (I'm not). We have never had sex, never kissed or cuddled- nothing. She considers me to be her boyfriend while I have never said I was nor even hinted too or implied it. Basically I've never led her on at all. We do hang out as friends but in her mind she considers our interactions as being more than it really is. I know that she wants more and I do not. I've never said I wanted to have sex with her or even attempted to kiss her ever.

My problem is, if the above wasn't bad enough for me, is that I have actually met a woman that I want to be serious with. My present female friend i know will be devastated when she or if she finds out about this other person. I currently hang out with my friend a few days a week however the woman that I want to be serious with is going to be moving into my area within a few weeks and that's when the issue will come to a head. Its at this point that I will not be able to spend as much time or any with the "friend".

I feel cruel doing this but I see no other way, I must end it with the present female and just let her know that I have other things to do at this moment and i will not or I should I feel obligated to tell her there is another woman.

Am I obligated to divulge that I have met someone new in my life or is a general "I'm busy and need to focus on my work, school, life goals at present" entirely sufficient?

I just know that if she was to find out that Ive met someone else it could cause her to freak out and maybe If i just end it generally then I can make a clean or as clean of a break as possible.

Let me know your thoughts.

posted by WD on 3/7/2017 @2:25:22 PM •
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