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"I dont know what to do"
My boyfriend and i have been together for 7 years! at first i thought i loved him and he was the one but lately (on and off for the last year) i feel like i don't love him anymore. I feel like i'm missing out on life and just want to be young and single and go crazy. We've been together since i was 15 so i've never gotten to be my own person as an adult. So i've been going out a lot lately and partying, mostly trying to avoid him and see how i feel. When i'm not with him i don't miss him and when i am with him i just feel awkward and like i'm being fake. I feel like i'm drowning. We live together and have two dogs which makes it so much worse. If i leave him i will have to move in with a friend and i can't bring my dogs which i think makes me sadder than anything. I just feel like i can't make a decision because i don't want to end it and regret it and i've invested so much in this relationship. But it can't be right if i'm having so many doubts right?
posted by Bonnie (age 22) on 3/23/2017 @8:17:45 PM •
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