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"Please help me clean my room!?"
My room is a state of tragic and disorganised! First of all I think it s because of the limited time I had of moving out of my ex-room (My mum told me in the last miniute that I had to move in to a spare room for my little brother,who was due any day, and my mum s room;and with a hassle my dad helped me move out of my room by grabbing my stuff and dumping the in my room and now it s a pigstye. Second of all I don t think I even like my room/furniture, all the furniture (that are (actually)permanently stuck to the room/floor) are big (although it s big and you could put your stuff there most of the insided space of the shelf is taken by the width),old,doesn t suit my room colour (my room colour is pastel and white but all of the furniture are beige and sickening pale yellow),not in a smart organisable state and it is a MASSIVE waste of space (1/3 is taken by the furnitures) in a 5m times 3m big room.Thirdly I don t have much time, I have to go to school 5days +1 extra curriculum study day (which my parents forces me to go every week for 7 hours) that only gives me 1 day of day off which I use for my study and although I might have time after school,I still have to catch a 45min bus ride to home and do homework+ I live in a farm so I m expected to do farm work for 2 hours so I m already tired and busy.And lastly I think it s because I have so much stuff to fit in a tiny room (stuff=candle ingredients and tools for candle making paint and canvases cardboard and crafts for diy cards,gifts or even just for diy s)

My mum tried to organise my mess but my mum is a causual and easy going just cares about stuff on the groung so she just stacks things on the floor and puts them on my desk,my drawer and my bed, saying that she had cleaned my room but it is really hard to study,reach to my drawer or even sleep with stuff crammed against you and if you put a stack on the floor my mum says "I cleaned it up for you be grateful "but I am more of a (usually)a clean seriously organised person so I can t stand it with my study place so crammed.
posted by talia (age 14) on 3/31/2017 @9:32:33 PM •
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