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"I feel like this relationship is 70/30"
My girlfriend doesn't want to tell anyone about our relationship nor even show as much affection towards me unless we are alone and expects the same behaviour from me on the grounds that she needs to "find herself" and she isn't her "true self yet". I can understand her need for this, but before she said that she doesn't want anyone bothering her about 'us' being in a relationship or getting pestered about it all the time especially by her mother. I can't help but feel she's embarrassed to be with me or is just simply in a relationship she's nit ready for. I love this girl and she says she feels the same way about me, but sometimes I don't feel that from her. I just don't know what is the next step to take or what to think. She isn't keen on changing her view on this. We have talked about it many times and in each we end up at the same statements. She says she needs to find her true self before anything and that her life is complicated right now and sometimes asks if I was breaking up with her because I am left feeling unsatisfied by the relationship. As I said before, I love this girl. Breaking up with her is the last thing I could ever want to do.
posted by Kevin (age 19) on 4/14/2017 @7:41:04 PM •
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