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"Trumpet playing"
I play the trumpet and am in high school. I'm known to be really good at playing (Make ensembles, awards etc.) and I think I'm good too for my age. The problem is, now whenever I play I'm being held back by some sort of doubt/Anxiety. Whenever I try to play or before I play, I just get really nervous now. Before I never did this. I used to walk in, play amazing, and walk out. Now I play like I just started playing yesterday. I also tend to get jealous when people are better than me because I know I don't play bad and I'm falling behind. I also get really jealous of other players even if they're my friends! I hate doing that! It's really hurting my playing and I want to play out of enjoyment. Help!
posted by John on 4/15/2017 @6:50:07 PM •
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