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"I lied about being on birth control"
IV DONE A BAD THING I have been dating my boyfriend for four years the first year I was on birth control then I ran out of pills decided not to refil them and went a month without RISKY!! But then things got a little to intense I started thinking wow I got lucky and then the. Wat month came and I got lucky again and then after about six months I didn't think o was lucky anymore I started to actually worry we might be inferior ... so I went and got tests done and I came back good nothing was wrong with me after three years of no birth control I had never fallen pregnant did it the right times and everything just because I wanted to robe I could conceive and if I did I did. Which is horrible so stop judging me but when you feel like you body is working properly with reproducing you want to know !!! Your ok!!! And now that I'm all find... I'm starting to worry well what if it's him now since I'm ok.... and then that leads me to tell him hey iv been LIEING ABOUT MY BIRTH CONTROL this whole time... and I just wanna let you know that this is what iv been doing and you might have an issue and probably should get checked ... now ... can you IMAGE THE LOOK he's gunna give me... which I deserve it but i never did get pregnant. So he's in the clear... but I know what I did was wrong but I was so desperate to find out if I was fertile as a woman I was .... crazy ok I was crazy! And I knew that and if he wanted to walk away I wouldn't have blamed him. But here's to question I'd like to no if he's fertile
Or not and what's wrong so I can stop all this but I'm afraid of one him getting mad and breaking his trust and also him knowning the unknown that he might not have working sperm... that could ****. With him but he needs to know... is it worth telling him iv been lying for the past three years and that I think there is an issue here and he needs to get checked or leave it alone and don't say nothing
posted by Emily (age 25) on 5/15/2017 @12:52:33 PM •
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