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"best friend"
so i have had this best friend for about 6 years. we are so close. we actually fooled around for "fun"? i guess you could say it. he says im everything he looks for in a goal but the chance of dating and breaking up, then never talking is worse than the happiness it could ever bring. i know i love him as a best friend but i just dont know what to do. hes the only pesrson i could actually see myself being with in the future. what do i dooo?
posted by Nicole (age 20) on 2/27/2008 @12:58:29 PM •
Well if I were you I would not go out with him. It is to risky. You could ruin your friendship. I have been in the same situation before. Me and this guy where like best friends for like 4 years and we started dating. Well when he broke up with me it totally ruined the friendship we once had. I have not talked to him for like 2 years. So my advice is think abot if you realyy want to risk your friendship with this guy and if so then go for it.
posted by Kristina (age 19) on 2/27/2008

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