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"Contacting an absent Father"
I'm coming up on 22 years this year since I was born on the eastern side of Canada. Both my biological parents were also born back east in Newfoundland, however since the day I was born I've only had my Mother in my life. My biological Father has never spoken, nor written a word to me in my life, nor has he made any effort to contact me or try to reach out to me. My mother has told me in the past he didn't want children, and especially didn't want one at the time, however she reassures me she has tried again and again just to make sure its known that if he wanted to, or anyone on that side of the bloodline to get to know me that they could, she wouldn't stand in their way. In the early years before I turned 7ish and moved to British Columbia with my Mom, his Mother did want to be in my life, and was apparently on occasion, but unfortunately died of cancer before I could really get to know her. My Mom had tried on previous occasions besides the ones above just to see if there's any interest and like those times either he or his relatives would block her attempts on facebook or just blatantly ignore emails and such. He did pay child support till I turned 19, and even though she kept up with him, he married later on to a woman who already had kids so his children, now a little older then me have no blood relation. I'm the only child hes ever had. Alot of nights I ponder on reaching out, I know his facebook, but havent done anything to identify my account to him. Hes actually moved to Alberta in the past year and runs a record store, pretty cool to me being a 90's hip hop fanatic. I'm to be married next year and as the date is getting closer and I've been bonding with who will become my family by law, it makes me wish I knew the family I had out there by blood. I have no anger towards him, I don't even really care why he never bothered to reach out or if he ever thought of me, but I'd like to talk to him. I'm sure if i could have answers to everything I would ask, but I just kinda wish I knew that he knew I turned out ok and I'd like to know whether or not that even matters i guess. I don't really know what I want, but I feel like if anything is to ever happen, Im going to have to put a foot in first. So what I wonder is, is it even a good idea to reach out, what would I say, what would be the best way to do it?
posted by Gavin (age 21) on 5/21/2017 @7:21:29 AM •
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