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"is my relationship toxic?"
Yesterday I went through something very traumatic. I had a disagreement with my boyfriend and he had a very extreme reaction. I was on my period and he asked how he could help. I told him I needed to be alone to take a nap and wait for the paracetamol to take effect. He immediately responded by telling me I was only saying that because I hated him. After some back and forth I broke up with him because I thought it was an unhealthy relationship if I couldn't ask for personal space without being guilty tripped.

Things got weirder.

I was participating in this theatre festival that night and he turned up at one of the venues looking absolutely deranged. He tore up a programme in front of me and broke down crying, his knuckles white as he gripped a plastic water bottle. I took him to a show to console him but he stayed strange. I went to the after party and he came with me. I told him he looked ill and needed to go home but he insisted on hugging me and begging me to come back. I had never seen him so distraught and I'd tried to break up with him before. (the underlying problems behind those events are solved now).

He came on the dance floor as I was dancing and said to me ' how can I ruin your ****ing evening?'. I started crying and asked my friends to remove him from the premises. He stayed outside for four hours and then waited for me on this bridge around 5 am because it was a festival tradition to take a selfie on the bridge with the rising sun.

He ran after me despite two people tackling him to the ground. He only reacted by trying to tell jokes and flirt with them in hopes that they would loosen their choke hold. I was rushed away from the scene.

Then, and this is what complicates things, it turned out he had eaten a poisonous flower that induced tachycardia, delirium and rage. Does this justify what he did? He is currently in hospital being given charcoal and he seems more coherent and even understanding of the break up. Is he a dangerous individual or should I be understanding of his situation?
posted by Megan Meunier (age 18) on 6/4/2017 @4:30:03 PM •
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