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"Thought I was innocent"
My cousin, "Mary" recently told me, my husband, my sister and several of our cousins that she's been sexually abused by her brothers for years and she's in the middle of a court case against one of them. I have to say it explains Mary's rotten behavior over the years. It was so bad, that I stopped talking to Mary and until she told me she was abused, I hadn't spoken to her in nearly 5 years. My husband is a wonderful man, his heart is in the right place, but he acts as if he needs to help everybody that asks. Mary didn't ask for help, she just wanted us to know because she no longer lives with her mom and her mom started blaming Mary for all that has happened. She needed support. Given my background with her I wanted to tread lightly. We ended up embracing her, but her behavior remains bad. She gets so angry so suddenly. I am not a professional psychologist and neither is my husband. When she gets so angry and everything, it reminds me of why I stopped talking to her. I gave her a chance and she blew it, and my husband told me to give her another chance. She's beginning to get angry again and I don't want to have anything to do with her if she blows it again. My trouble is my husband thinks that since I know why she acts this way, I should forgive everything she ever says or does to me. I don't want to. I don't think she should treat me like garbage just because she's got troubles. Am I wrong for not wanting her around anymore since she keeps acting like I committed an outrageous sin against her?
posted by Rachel (age 31) on 6/4/2017 @5:23:24 PM •
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