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"31 year old kid"

I'm a U.S. Navy veteran and I have gone through a lot in my life. I come from a home where I wasn't raised or taught anything but somehow I was able to graduate high school and join the military. I got married to a girl after the military and we weren't a good match, I was suicidal and attempted suicide several times and went to psyche hospitals. After that I found Jesus and I feel better about who I am but I am currently at a homeless shelter and have no idea how to survive in the real world. I've never learned how to survive in the real world on my own, I have always had support. And I'm doing stuff to better myself and I'm trying to learn but it's just random and leading me nowhere. Life is really complicated and I feel like I don't have the wisdom to apply the knowledge. I am trying to follow God and live my life at the same time but I feel lost and I know my hope will fade soon if something doesn't come from this experience.
posted by Greg (age 31) on 7/8/2017 @1:57:12 PM •
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